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Orthodontics for Children


Getting a head start on a winning smile. No one wants to have crooked teeth or a funny looking smile. So you're lucky if you're getting braces now. You're at just the right age for braces. When you're young, your teeth, jaws, and chewing muscles are still growing, so it's easier for your Orthodontist to correct them. Your Orthodontist will answer any questions you may have. Your parents can help, too.

Why Orthodontics? Braces straighten out crooked teeth and help your jaws and chewing muscles grow into a good bite. Your smile and profile look better and your teeth stay healthier. By wearing braces while you're young, you may not have to wear them as long later, as a teenager. Orthodontics (also called dentofacial orthopaedics) give you a head start on your winning smile.

X-rays show your head, face jaw bones, and all of your teeth. These are used to measure your teeth and jaw and plan your treatment.

Impressions are taken by biting into material that later hardens. These are made into models that show how your teeth and jaws fit together.

Photos of your profile, face, and teeth are taken before your treatment. You can look forward to seeing pictures of your new smile after braces.

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