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Orthodontics for Teens


A New Smile

Sure, you want to look your best. So how do braces help? They do more than just improve your smile. They also help your teeth and jaws fit together better. You can look good with your braces on, too. So don't worry about getting braces. You're going to have a great new smile.

The Look You Want

Today's braces aren't like the ones your parents had. These days you can get coloured ties and elastics that make your braces look blue, red, green, purple, pink-almost any colour you want! You can even mix and match. So speak with your Orthodontist about what's available. And be proud to show off your new look! Ask your Orthodontist about ClearCorrect Aligners - the Clear Alternative to Braces, and visit their website for more information!

Get the Facts

You may have heard lots of confusing things about braces. But wearing them doesn't have to be a big deal. Here are some straight answers to some common questions.

Can't I just get a Retainer? Retainers don't work the same way braces do. Retainers are best for holding your teeth in place once your braces come off.

How long do I have to wear Braces? A lot depends on you. The better you take care of your teeth and braces, the sooner you'll be able to get your braces off.

Do Braces Hurt? Your teeth might be a little sore after your braces are adjusted. But most of the time, you probably won't even notice the braces are there.

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